Snake Thursday launched in 2009 from the starport in Poznań, Poland with a consistent skeleton crew of three brave souls on an ongoing mission to explore the sonic spectrum of the cosmos and dimensions beyond.

Inspired by works of Sci-Fi and fantasy, the Snake Thursday crew rides the cosmic soundwaves dealing with subjects of transhumanism, theocratic dystopias, colliding galaxies, mystical femme fatales and the occasional Space-Slav folklore.

So far, the voyages of Snake Thursday have been compiled into two major, self-released audio data packages. They are available for your auditory pleasure on Bandcamp, Spotify, Deezer and iTunes.

The Snake Thursday crew:
Marcin Sikorski – six-string control surface operator, storytelling
Łukasz Mańczak – low frequency engineer, voice sub-commands
Filip Małecki – rhythm navigator

– Cruise Mode (2012)
– Iter (2014)

“…The most important thing in Snake Thursday’s music is Energy. They have enough of it to supply at least a few Polish bands…”

“Each song is just the medicine you need when you just can’t seem to find the right tunes to spin.”

“If you want hard rocking modern Stoner Metal riffs to rock out to then Snake Thursday are your band.”

“…Uptempo, fuzzy grooves perfect for moving your hunk of steel and plastic down the highway.”